PE noiInclude aluminum substrate against oxidation and are pressed into the core with polymeric adhesive layer, followed by HDPE core, followed by aluminum layer PE / PDVF and protected against scratches inside. Depending on the product line of aluminum thickness from 0.06mm to 0.5mm. Character sheet ALU PE / PDVF:

  • Aesthetic efficiency.
  • Vietnamese advantages in outsourcing.
  • Adapt to changes in environmental temperature.
  • Capable of good sound insulation.
  • Lightweight branches, easy to transport and construction.
  • Diverse colors.



Name: Trieu Chen Aluminum
Product code: PE, PVDF, SH, ...
Aluminium thickness (mm): 0:06; 0:08; 0.1; 0:12; 0:14; 0.16, 0.18, 0.2, 12:22
Thickness (mm): 2, 3, 4, 5
Plastic layers: plastic fireproof
Size sheet (mm): 1200x2400.

01(5)TRIEU CHEN ALU plastic Applications:

  • Making decorative facades for buildings, offices, hotels, houses, banks, ...
  • Paneled interior walls, showrom, restaurants, supermarkets, car, cruise, ...
  • Outsourcing all shapes and architecture: curl, blow roofs, domes, ceiling-level shock, ...
  • Paneled facades of buildings, old facades, interior partitions.
  • Decorate the bodywork, hull, chassis, high-rise elevators, vessels, ceilings, arches, stair machine, pipe ...