logotrieuchenTRIEU CHEN Co., Ltd. sincerely delivered to the customers send health wishes and thanks for using the company's products during the last detention.

Established since 2001, we are proud to be one of the few leading enterprises in manufacturing aluminum composite panels in Vietnam and international markets.

With factory fitted aluminum plate production line plastic modern complex, with a capacity of 120.000m2 / month. Technical team includes specialists and engineers trained in environmental technology development in foreign countries. We gave the optimum concentration of the value of the metal and plastics as well insulated with material resistance and withstand high intensity. Our products are widely used in fields such as construction, decoration materials, decorative lighting, household electrical equipment, interior design low, ... Typical projects such as: prime natural tunnel, Sailing tower, Vincom tower, Saigon Petro, Co.opmart supermarkets, metro, Metro, BIDV Bank, Viet capital Bank, Exim Bank, Asian Bank, Agribank, ....

With a staff of experienced, creative and dynamic with high professionalism, we believe that while in North Chen, you will be completely satisfied about the quality of products and services our.



Trieu Chen constantly growing tide to continue to achieve new heights in the field of production of aluminum composite plastic.


Trieu Chen tidal activity with the motto "look beyond" desire not only offers its customers the best quality products, providing high aesthetic, but always watching how the customer in all circumstances, seize nhhu necessities track each day and provide the most quality products with quality at competitive prices for customers